Nashville Portrait Session: Beauty Makeover with Anna

I am a Nashville based portrait photographer that specializes in beauty, so you would think that I would just jump at the chance to trade a portrait session with another professional photographer. Right? Here’s what I discovered: stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy. 

Best Nashville Beauty Glamour Boudoir Photographer

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the lovely Anna Wu of Anna Wu Photography and she photographed me. Both elements are nerve racking to me – having a professional photographer in front of my camera potentially analyzing my style and technique and being in front of another photographer’s camera, wondering if they are analyzing my face and body.


But I do believe that we grow out of experiences that push us and so I jumped in and I’m so glad I did. Anna and I have really different style and approaches – I am more of a modern beauty glamour photographer and shoot a lot of my portraits in studio. She, on the other hand shoots more lifestyle and likes to have a softer, more natural feel to her photos.

Best portrait photographer luxury photos Nashville

Whereas I am super planned out and really think through my shoot in terms of wardrobe, poses, sets, etc., Anna has the big picture in mind and then allows moments to happen, helping refine them as they do. I love how Anna’s portraits turned out and I am crazy about how mine came out as well – one is already my profile photo on Facebook 🙂

Glamour inspired by fashion Nashville, Tennessee

Through this process, I learned a lot about how my clients feel in front of the camera, the various thoughts that cross their mind when there’s a big ol’ camera in their face. Anna was fantastic about coaching me along while still being positive and getting me to look my natural best. 

Clean modern beauty headshot Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin

In addition, I felt more confident, empowered and secure after my time with Becky (my favorite makeup artist) – she not only made me LOOK incredible but by the time she was done, I felt a sense of calm come over me and I was more excited than anything else.

Natural light beauty portrait in Nashville, Brentwood, Cool Springs, Tennessee

While photographing my clients, I have seen that sense of calm come over them time and again but it was another thing to experience it myself. It really engrained in me the importance of having professional hair and makeup done – not just because it makes a huge difference in the final portraits – but because somehow it unleashes a confidence within them.

Modern professional headshot Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin

One of the things I look for in a makeup artist beyond their still level is how do they interact with the client – do they know how much or how little to talk, do they pick up on cues, are they positive and friendly, are they open to feedback.

Nashville natural light beauty glamour portrait photography

Classic black and white.

Black and white headshot beauty portrait Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin

I love getting a few photos close up, especially when I am able to get that incredible eye contact. 
Beauty and glamour makeover portrait Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Portrait Photographer: Fizzah Raza 

Here are some of my favorites of myself – that sounds so weird in my head but I’m going with it because you know what, I can favorite myself and that’s totally okay :

Art for Art photography exchange | Anna Wu x Fizzah Raza

We walked along this beautiful wooded area and the fog started rolling in, which created this awesome texture. 

Art for Art photography exchange | Anna Wu x Fizzah Raza

Art for Art photography exchange | Anna Wu x Fizzah Raza
Art for Art photography exchange | Anna Wu x Fizzah Raza

Art for Art photography exchange | Anna Wu x Fizzah Raza

This one is my favorite simply because the fog gives the whole photo a painterly tone and I love how the colors pop against the forest. 

Art for Art photography exchange | Anna Wu x Fizzah Raza

If you’d like to learn more about me and my story, you can do so here.

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