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I am passionate about photographing women

Glamour makeover sessions are by far one of the most transformative sessions I get to photograph. Often, as women we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We work hard at our professions, put in so much heart into our families and kids, lend our ear to our best friends and so much more. It can be challenging to find ways to feed our own soul - to fill our cup. As a mother of two, I struggle daily in finding the balance between giving myself to my children and having some me time. Most days that just means a steaming hot cup of chai and snuggling into the couch with my husband to catch up on Netflix or Hulu after the kids go to bed.

In the day to day, we sometimes forget the side of ourselves that is soft, beautiful, strong, confident and sensual.

Give yourself the gift of portraits

Glamour portraits are an AMAZING way to give back to yourself. The day is full of professional hair and makeup, gorgeous clothes and you as the star! Not only that, when you receive your final portraits - either as an album or a boxed set of fine art prints - you get to relive that day over and over again. You get to remind yourself that you are beautiful, that you are loved and that you have worth. You get to pass on a beautiful legacy of fine art portraits to your family that doesn’t just include selfies on Instagram. You deserve it.

Planning Your Photo Shoot

For beauty and glamour makeover portraits, I work together with my clients to plan out wardrobe and accessories, hair and makeup as well as personal style. My goal is to create a wide range of photos that represent different elements of your style.

Some of my clients love to make this a solo shoot day - they enjoy being able to get dressed up and look gorgeous and then later meet with girlfriends, a spouse or their family for a night out. Others love to come in with their sister, best friend or their mom and make it a girls’ day activity, with the bonus of having photos to preserve those amazing memories together. Some of my clients get their portraits done and then towards the end, bring in their significant other and capture some couples portraits done to hang over their mantle or over their headboard. I also enjoy when couples are up for celebrating their relationship together through a joint session! What a beautiful way to celebrate yourself and your relationships.

Professional Experience

For beauty and glamour makeover portraits, I work together with my clients to plan out wardrobe and accessories, hair and makeup as well as personal style. I bring in my years of education and experience with expert lighting and posing. I know just how to get my clients to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, while looking smoking hot, and we make the day about having fun together.

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