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Stand out from the crowd

Your personal brand is the unique combination of experiences and skills that make you of a kind. Personal branding is a really great way to differentiate you from other professionals in your field. This is so very different from your typical blue background DMV headshot. With the rise of the internet and social media, we live in an increasingly visual world and image matters. We also live in a world where story matters - people want to know about you as much as they want to know about your product and business. A solid headshot or a series of photos showcasing your small business goes much further now than it did even 10 years ago. A professional headshot or series of personal branding photos helps build trust with your potential clients before they even reach out to hire you. They are able to put a face to the name and seeing a professional quality headshot communicates that you’ve invested in your business and in your image. I equate it to how well dressed someone is at their job interview. Qualifications aside, the candidate that took the time to present themselves well visually will stand out because it communicates that the interview was important enough to take that extra time. Your online presence is often your job interview and you need to stand out.

Headshots vs. Personal Branding Portraits

I create headshots as well as personal branding photos for my clients. For some, especially executives, all that is really needed is a few headshots for their LinkedIn or resume. Sometimes, I have clients that use the headshot package to create portraits for dating and matchmaking websites. I offer studio headshots every 1-2 months - please sign up for my email list and my instagram page in order to be notified of the next studio headshot event.

Personal branding on the other hand, includes a broader set of photos that showcase you as a brand holistically. They have a much more lifestyle brand approach and therefore require planning location, wardrobe and other style details. Personal branding portraits have a similar process to Glamour portraits but have a different intent. Most often, personal branding photos are created for websites, networking, social media and marketing materials. As with glamour portraits, I enjoy sitting down with my personal branding clients to understand their needs. We talk in detail about what the photographs will be used for and how best to represent your personal brand - do you need it for your website and social media or are they for print materials, do some photos need negative space to add copy, etc. We discuss what aspects of your personality and business you want to highlight. As with all my portraits, I like to create clean, modern photos that will stand the test of time.

Professional Experience

For Personal Branding portraits, I work together with my clients to plan out wardrobe and accessories, professional hair and makeup as well as personal style. I bring in my years of education and experience with expert lighting and posing. I know just how to get my clients to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, while looking smoking hot, and we make the day about having fun together. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life and from lots of different professional and personal backgrounds. I would say my secret weapon to creating amazing portraits is my ability to connect and make you feel comfortable in front of my camera.

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