Nashville Beauty Portrait Makeover with Vanessa

Beauty portraits are a very different genre in that there is a very intimate one to one connection with the client. That’s what I love the most and what my clients walk away talking about. In my opinion, there has to be a connection in order to get to the heart and soul of someone’s beauty because as corny as it sounds, beauty truly is more than skin deep.


Beauty is in the struggles we face in our journey to get to our dreams. Beauty is in the scars we acquire in our fight to find ourselves and to stay genuine. Beauty is in the determination of the mother that brings life into this world and in the tears of a daughter that nurtures an ailing parent. Beauty is even in the strength of a father that supports his family day in and day out. Beauty is in the relationships we build that are the building blocks of our support system. Beauty can be hard, it can be soft. It can be raw and it can be refined. Beauty can be a lot of things but if you know what you are looking for, beauty – true beauty – cannot be faked, at least not for long.

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For me, glamour portraits are a celebration of beauty in all its forms. And when someone is truly beautiful and feels glamorous, something magical happens. I find over and over again with women in particular that they find a piece of themselves they forgot existed. They remember that they have value and worth – not because they are beautiful or because they now have glamorous portraits but simply because they exist. So often women take care of everyone else and are to spent to take care of themselves. But they have loved ones that cherish them and that to their husbands, wives, children, boyfriends and girlfriends they are exceptionally beautiful and valuable. Why then would we not want to pamper and care for the women in our lives, to capture their beauty and share it with our loved ones?

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Here are some portraits of Vanessa that we created together. She had a calm spirit about her and it came through in each and every portrait we made together. We changed wardrobe a few times and played with fun textures – sparkles, tulle, lace. But I want you to look beyond all the gorgeous glamorous wardrobe and look into her eyes.

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To view some incredible Before and After photos, head over to our gallery.

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